Section 8: Qualifying Guidelines

Qualifying Guidelines


Walter Hopper Championship


The Walter Hopper Championship is slated for the first of August. Registrants are not guaranteed spots in the tournament. On July 29, the SCPGA junior golf committee will add registrations into the field based on accumulated Player of the Year Points until each age division has filled its available field size. If all registrants with Player of the Year points have been added into the field and tournament spots remain open, remaining spots will go to registrants with NO player of the year points on a first come, first serve basis within their specific age division. Specific age division field sizes will be proportional to age division percentages in overall SCPGA Junior Tour membership.  Registrants will not be charged a tournament entry fee until they have been added to the Walter Hopper Championship field.


Walter Hopper Championship breakdown by age division. Each age division is guaranteed a minimum 8 spots.


**Example: Based on maximum field size of 150 participants.




Junior Tour Boys 9-11


Junior Tour Boys 12-13


Junior Tour Boys 14-15


Junior Tour Boys 16-18




Junior Tour Girls 9-11


Junior Tour Girls 12-13


Junior Tour Girls 14-15


Junior Tour Girls 16-18




















The Oakley Cup


The Oakley Cup Matches is an annual competition between the East Region (Eastern Oklahoma Chapter & Arkansas Chapter) and the West Region (Western Oklahoma Chapter & Kansas Chapter) of the South Central PGA.


The Matches were started in 2014 to recognize the top junior players on the South Central PGA Players Tour and reward their strong play from the current calendar year.


The top 8 boys and 4 girls from each region will compete in a Ryder Cup style format over two days, and this year’s competition will be played at the beautiful and challenging Shangri-La Golf Club on Grand Lake. 




Qualifying will be based on final standing on the South Central PGA Players Tour Player of the Year Points List as of the end July .


Any qualifier who has graduated high school and started college is not eligible to play in The Oakley Cup.









Age Division # of Holes Per Event Course Yardage
Players Tour Boys 2015 36 6,200
Players Tour Boys 2016 36 6,200
Players Tour Boys 2017 36 6,200
Players Tour Boys 2018 36 6,200
Players Tour Girls 2015 36 5,500
Players Tour Girls 2016 36 5,500
Players Tour Girls 2017 36 5,500
Players Tour Girls 2018 36 5,500
Junior Tour Boys 16-18 18 6,000-6,500
Junior Tour Boys 14-15 18 5,500-6,000
Junior Tour Boys 12-13 18 5,000-5,500
Junior Tour Boys 9-11 9 1,600-2,000
Junior Tour Girls 16-18 18 5,000-5,500
Junior Tour Girls 14-15 18 4,500-5,000
Junior Tour Girls 12-13 9 2,100-2,400
Junior Tour Girls 9-11 9 1,600-2,000