Rules & Regulations

SECTION 1: Organization Summaries

PGA of America

South Central PGA 


SECTION 2: South Central PGA Junior Golf

South Central PGA Staff

Junior Golf Committee

Program Overview


Level of Play, Ages & Yardage Guidelines

Tournament Entry Fees


SECTION 3: Policies & Procedures

Code of Conduct

Entry Procedures

Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Membership Cancellation Policy

Transfer Policy

On-Site Check-In-Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Junior Tour Tournament Cancelation

Players Tour Tournament Cancelation

Breaking Ties

No Shows & No Cards

Arrangement of Starting Times & Groupings

Grievance Committee

Assumption of Risk

Accommodations for Junior Golfers with Disabilities or Chronic Health Conditions



SECTION 4: Rules of Play

Rules of Play Overview

          Junior Tour

          Players Tour

Distance Measuring Devices


SECTION 5: Pace of Play

Pace of Play Policy

Pace of Play Tactics


SECTION 6: Spectators

Spectator Guidelines


SECTION 7: Player of the Year Points

Junior Tour

Players Tour


SECTION 8: Qualifying Guidelines

Walter Hopper Championship

The Oakley Cup